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ClickBic doesn’t guarantees, endorses and/or warrants the quality, authenticity, benefits, and safety of the products and/or offers and/or services which are promoted here in any style at all. It may also include the typographical errors and/or factual errors. The overall content available on clickbic.com is subjected to be improved and/or changed periodically. During this process of repair, up-gradation, improvements, and/or maintenance of website’s programs, contents, software, and/or systems may be sometimes suspended for several uses. The ClickBic shall not be accountable for any types of damage, loss, expenses, cost, or inconvenience which may be faced by any person because of unavailability of Website for several uses. The Advertisements or advice (if any) acknowledged through the Website shouldn’t be relied for legal, financial and/or personal decisions & you have to consult with a professional for any definite advice bespoke to your situation.

The ClickBic can’t be liable for any special event, incidental, damages, punitive, and/or consequential loss (directly and/or indirectly) whatever includes, without any damage for the loss of opportunities, limitation, loss or profit, revenue, business loss, damage and/or loss to any individual, having the delay and/or failure to use Website, services, any information, software or products that are obtained via ClickBic whether they are based on the contract, negligence, strict liability, tort, and/or otherwise, though ClickBic has been informed of the prospect of damages. Moreover, ClickBic doesn’t endorse any contents of advertisers or any advertisements anyhow on their Website. The customer shall authenticate the veracity of all the content/information on his own. The company will not be liable and/or responsible for any type of substantial damage arises on account of the consumer reliance on the stuffing of advertisement. ClickBic shall not be liable in any third party actions in any manner which results in information offered by the consumer being misused and/or exposed by the third parties who accessed such data without any authorization from the Website.

Customers are hereby well-informed that the ClickBic has neither allotted anybody as their agent for selling their electronic gadgets on the behalf and also the employees of ClickBic are not authorized to sell the gadgets on any other platform other than the ClickBic Store and Website clickbic.com . Fraudsters may attract customers with electronic gadgets on less price and/or hefty cashback modes quoting ClickBic. All our customers are recommended not to pay through or click on such links which aren’t opened by customer herself/himself. Customers may kindly capture a note that if anybody makes any transactions to third party and/or makes payment to third parties and/or against the links shared by the third parties which claims they are acting on the behalf of ClickBic, we are not responsible or liable for the same. If you have any query or doubt related to third party modules, feel free to contact with ClickBic employee/agent @ 0124-4931448 or info(at)clickbic.com.

Except the particularly mentioned in provisions of any gadget offered for the sale on Website, ClickBic doesn’t make any type of warranty, guaranty and/or representation at all because of the –
  • Availability, timelines, lack of viruses & other Harmful components, reliability, accuracy, completeness, adequacy, applicability, and/or suitability of the information according to a particular situation;
  • The services will be secure, uninterrupted, timely and/or error free;
  • All data/information, products, software, graphics, and products are offered ‘as is’ with no guarantee of any kind. ClickBic hereby disclaims that all the conditions and warranties with regards to the information, products, software, and services includes all oblique warranties & conditions of the merchantability, suitability for the particular purpose, title & non-infringement;
  • All the graphics / picture / images of the products that are published on Website might be final or indicative. Products may be differ from the actual pictures / images published on clickbic.com .

The above agreement is totally governed under the Laws of India. The Customer or Website’s visitor hereby irreversibly consents to the restricted jurisdiction & the venue of courts in any type of disputes arise out or related to the use of clickbic.com .

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